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2024-03-28 Absurdly Intense Stealth Bluetooth
2022-11-27 Connecting a WebTV in 2022
2022-10-09 Seikosha LT-20 Printer
2022-07-03 Ultimate Turbo Button Display
2022-02-08 openHAB scripts with Rhasspy MQTT
2021-07-20 486のPC
2021-07-08 Allow iframes in WordPress
2020-07-17 Curing Silicone in SLA UV Molds – Part 3
2020-06-12 Cat Window Resizer
2020-03-26 Surviving Remote Work Isolation
2019-09-12 Starting a Keycap Business
2019-04-23 Curing Silicone in SLA UV Molds – Part 2
2019-04-14 Curing Silicone in SLA Photopolymer Molds
2019-03-04 CommonJS Modules in YUIDoc
2019-02-20 Wacom Intuos and xsetwacom on Ubuntu 18.04
2018-07-21 GalliumOS on a Dell Chromebook 11 3120 (Candy)
2017-11-30 A Letter on Net Neutrality
2017-01-05 Detecting Clicks on Rotated Rectangles
2017-01-04 Stickerbomb JS Image Editor
2016-09-15 Sorting Pokémon into Boxes — with Style
2016-07-20 Daisy Chaining SPI on the Arduino Mega 2560
2015-11-12 A New EV Nova Ship Plugin
2015-09-10 A Toroidal Transformer Tester that Counts Turns
2015-07-24 Simplifying the T4 JS Layout Processor
2015-07-01 Realtime Tracking of Elio Motors Crowdfunding
2015-05-14 Android Raspberry Pi display over USB
2015-04-15 Invoicing with Sendy
2015-03-31 Patching TERMINALFOUR Site Manager 8 Direct Edit
2015-02-14 A Raspberry Pi clock for your kitchen, and nowhere else
2015-01-24 Eliminating Warp from 3D Printed Nylon 618 Parts
2014-12-03 Abstraction and conflict management of Pi bot commands
2014-11-23 Pulling GPS data from a Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro with Node.js
2014-10-07 Cross-client MailChimp merge tag anchor links
2014-08-12 Scraping Raw CSS and HTML with YQL
2014-05-09 A Simple, Perfect Filament Spool Holder
2014-05-06 Happy Birthday Computer Science!
2014-04-15 Optiplex 7010 Dual-head Onboard and Radeon xorg.conf
2014-04-12 Dual 1280×1024 Ubuntu Wallpaper
2014-04-04 Dead Simple Command Scheduling with “at”
2014-04-04 Installing Google Earth on Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit
2014-03-28 Fixing Google Fonts in Chrome for Windows
2013-12-29 Installing Ubuntu Server 10.04 over USB
2013-12-23 Motion-activated scripts in Linux
2013-12-20 Building Dogecoin on 12.04 – uniform_int_distribution.hpp
2013-12-18 JS Promises in Five Quick, Dirty, and Insufficient Minutes
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openHAB scripts with Rhasspy MQTT

I’m in the process of replacing my voice assistants with a more private, home-based solution that keeps everything inside the local network. I had originally decided on using Rhasspy in a server/satellite configuration to collect voice commands, and Home Assistant to manage turning things on and off. I changed to openHAB after trying and failing […]

Last Updated: 2024-05-15
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先週末、486のPCを買いました。この頃、486プロセッサを搭載したコンピュータは希少です。たぶんのを見たことがありません。とても古いです。 古いコンピュターが大好きです。若すぎて486を使うことができませんでした、でも私の一番台x86のコンピュターはPentiumでした。けれども押し入れで父の286と386と486がありました。 いくつか眠れなかった夜はのを出しました。ぜんぜん分かりませんでした。ヒントが与えませんでした。12歳に486を使うことが大変でした。けれども、いま大人です。もう一度やりたい。 見つけるには簡単じゃなかったです。私の町でいたるところを探しました、でもみんなとすべての店は古いコンピュターをレサイクルします。シアトルのリサイクルショップに行きました。 ところが、一台がありませんでした、でも2つのマザーボードとシーピーユーがありました! 家に一つを持って来ました。ほか古くてランダムなパーツにもたくさん買いました! いまパーツが足りません。電源回路がありません。PCケースは非対応。リボンケーブルは新しくて過ぎます。いくつかのパーツが駄目かもね。 取り合わせるのときに、また書きます。 Apologies, I am learning Japanese and figured some less interesting projects could make good writing prompts for practice. すみません。書きます、でもまだ上手じゃありません。

Last Updated: 2024-05-15
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Allow iframes in WordPress

I recently received complaints from WordPress multisite users about not being able to embed iframes for Google calendars. Upon testing, I found nothing wrong–embeds worked absolutely fine. My users kept insisting they disappeared, though, and could prove it with screenshots. Nothing was off about their browsers. Nothing strange was happening with plugins. They’d just create […]

Last Updated: 2024-05-15
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Curing Silicone in SLA UV Molds – Part 3

I receive frequent emails about my platinum cure silicone posts (part 1, part 2). People all around the world want clarification of my process, so I’m happy to provide it. I’ve been casting platinum cure silicone in SLA printed masters for over a year now for my keycap business, Cherry Festival, and have successfully done […]

Last Updated: 2024-05-15