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A Raspberry Pi clock for your kitchen, and nowhere else

My kitchen was missing something. I’d looked at clocks and artwork, but none of the options were simultaneously affordable and nerdy enough for my liking. What I needed was a way to incorporate my love of thrift store finds and coding into something functional, attractive, and unique that would cause my visitors to be delighted and ask questions. As such, the Raspberry Pi Kitchen Dashboard was born.

Pi Kitchen Dashboard

The dashboard is a $5 monitor from back when 1024×768 was acceptable plus a spare Raspberry Pi. Once the desktop is loaded it opens Chromium in kiosk mode and shows a webpage containing time and weather information. It’s a pretty simple project, but with some very pleasant results–plus, the codebase is documented to hell and back to make it easy for others to add new skins and make some very pretty displays with only HTML and CSS knowledge.

Hop over to GitHub and spice up your kitchen a bit.

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