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Stickerbomb JS Image Editor

My team does a holiday card promotion each year, which gives us a chance to create something unusual. This year we decided on a “create your own holiday card” image editor idea. We’d specify a couple of backgrounds and design a bunch of “sticker” graphics, then users could arrange these how they liked and print off a foldable […]

Sorting Pokémon into Boxes — with Style

Update:  This was shut down years ago. It only ended up getting like 8 users lol. Still, fun project. The most important thing in life is to have your pokémon arranged neatly. That’s a fact. While I understand you can just rename boxes with numbers so that Box 1 is 1-30 and Box 2 is […]

Simplifying the T4 JS Layout Processor

Update for 2024: 9 years later this library is still in daily use and is virtually unchanged. If you’re using T4, we’ve run a very large site with all the code running through this for almost a decade so I’m pretty confident in saying this one’s a keeper. Where I work, we use TERMINALFOUR as […]

Invoicing with Sendy

Update: The Sendy Invoicing add-on was added to Sendy’s API docs as a third party resource, but is now many, many years out of date and is likely no longer there. This article is more for historic reference. Our organization has needed a more user-accessible mass email solution for some time, so when we saw […]

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