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Absurdly Intense Stealth Bluetooth

There are a lot of great ways to get Bluetooth in your car these days; aftermarket head units, FM transmitters, battery-powered Bluetooth cassettes, dongles that go into the aux port, and even amplifiers with built-in Bluetooth are everywhere. New head units cost less than a pack of toilet paper. But what if you’re going for […]

Curing Silicone in SLA UV Molds – Part 3

I receive frequent emails about my platinum cure silicone posts (part 1, part 2). People all around the world want clarification of my process, so I’m happy to provide it. I’ve been casting platinum cure silicone in SLA printed masters for over a year now for my keycap business, Cherry Festival, and have successfully done […]

Curing Silicone in SLA UV Molds – Part 2

Update: See Part 3 of this series for the final procedure I settled on after a year of practice. After my last failure to get a proper cure in my SLA printed masters, I reached out to my local distributor and Smooth-On to see if they had any recommendations for improving the quality of the […]

Curing Silicone in SLA Photopolymer Molds

Update: See Part 2 of this series for a repeatable procedure to make great molds in SLA masters. SLA (stereolithography) printers are excellent for creating finely detailed parts with beautiful finishes. Their detail and ability to create complex shapes without the extensive support required on FDM printers make them theoretically ideal for creating masters for […]

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