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Allow iframes in WordPress

I recently received complaints from WordPress multisite users about not being able to embed iframes for Google calendars. Upon testing, I found nothing wrong–embeds worked absolutely fine. My users kept insisting they disappeared, though, and could prove it with screenshots. Nothing was off about their browsers. Nothing strange was happening with plugins. They’d just create […]

Detecting Clicks on Rotated Rectangles

Normally in web application development, clicks are a matter of listeners. Either a click hit a thing or it didn’t. When using the HTML5 canvas, this isn’t the case. Images and features are rendered onto it, but you can’t attach a listener to them. Instead, you monitor where these elements visually reside versus where clicks land. If […]

Invoicing with Sendy

Update: The Sendy Invoicing add-on was added to Sendy’s API docs as a third party resource, but is now many, many years out of date and is likely no longer there. This article is more for historic reference. Our organization has needed a more user-accessible mass email solution for some time, so when we saw […]

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