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Stickerbomb JS Image Editor

My team does a holiday card promotion each year, which gives us a chance to create something unusual. This year we decided on a “create your own holiday card” image editor idea. We’d specify a couple of backgrounds and design a bunch of “sticker” graphics, then users could arrange these how they liked and print off a foldable […]

Invoicing with Sendy

Update: The Sendy Invoicing add-on was added to Sendy’s API docs as a third party resource, but is now many, many years out of date and is likely no longer there. This article is more for historic reference. Our organization has needed a more user-accessible mass email solution for some time, so when we saw […]

Patching TERMINALFOUR Site Manager 8 Direct Edit

Why patch? Unlike WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla!, TERMINALFOUR is very particular about where content appears in a template. The concept of loops is still present, but handled in an unusual manner. You get one main loop, which pulls in all page content marked as the text/html format, and then a predefined set of additional loops […]

A Raspberry Pi clock for your kitchen, and nowhere else

My kitchen was missing something. I’d looked at clocks and artwork, but none of the options were simultaneously affordable and nerdy enough for my liking. What I needed was a way to incorporate my love of thrift store finds and coding into something functional, attractive, and unique that would cause my visitors to be delighted […]

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