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Nov 23, 2014

As part of an ongoing series of improvements to a remote control car I bought at a thrift store, I needed a stream of GPS data from a Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro 3G/4G hotspot (which, coincidentally, I also picked up at a thrift store). After registering the device with my carrier, logging into the admin […]

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Apr 15, 2014

Update: This xorg.conf is confirmed working with the described setup after upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04. The upgrade will rename the file and attempt to use no xorg.conf; however, placing it back as “xorg.conf” within /etc/X11/ and restarting brings back a working triple-monitor configuration. At work I use a Dell Optiplex 7010 with a Radeon HD […]

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Apr 12, 2014

I’m a huge fan of the default background for Ubuntu 13.10, but my current setup involves two 1280×1024 monitors and setting the same background for both doesn’t look quite how I’d like.  With that in mind, I created a 2560×1024 image with a similar color palette and style in GIMP, and decided to share it […]

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Apr 4, 2014

It’s way past when you should have gone to sleep, but you’d just like to update one more time, download this file, build and install it, and restart a couple of services.  The bed is calling, though.  Luckily, the notion that Linux users can work computers in their sleep is actually quite accurate.  Let’s take […]

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