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Sep 12, 2019

Three months ago, after many good years of service, my SteelSeries Apex keyboard started to give out. Presses would intermittently register multiple times or not at all. It wasn’t all that surprising–it had lasted longer than any keyboard I’d owned and I’d worn many of the letters off the keycaps years ago. I knew it […]

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Feb 20, 2019

The Wacom Intuos is a common tablet used for creating digital artwork and vector drawings. It works surprisingly well on newer Ubuntu machines using built-in drivers and xsetwacom–perhaps even easier than on Windows, where support for the factory software can be lacking (Windows 7) or somewhat difficult to install (Windows 10). xsetwacom scaling and multiple […]

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Nov 30, 2017

To Chairman Ajit Pai and Commissioners Michael O’Rielly and Brendan Carr: This has always been a web development blog, and I’ve always followed a simple content rule:  Posts must be about a web/IoT-related project or technology. Sadly, your choices now threaten the projects I post about and the ecosystem in which they exist. Truly your […]

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